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I'm David...

I have always considered myself a happy person, full of joy and good vibes, that's why I feel so connected to flowers, they bring all those lovely feelings to me. And now, after having a life-changing experience I want to share this joy with you.


I was born in El Salvador, and back there, I studied to become a lawyer, but there was something missing in my life, my profession wasn't making me happy and as a gay man in a very conservative Latin American country I was struggling with intolerance. I decided to move to the US and look for a new life. I made friends, and I found my vocation: flowers and decoration, finally everything in my life was in its right place. Unfortunately, in 2020, in the middle of the pandemics of CoViD-19 I was diagnosed with cirrhosis due to fatty liver, a very serious condition that can not be cured, the only chance I had to get better, was through a transplant. Every day I prayed to God for a new opportunity, for a chance to stay alive and fulfill my dreams, but the clock was ticking. I waited patiently for one year, and finally, in November 2021, my prayers listened and I got my transplant thanks to the amazing team at Duke Hospital in NC. Today I look back thankful for the chance to keep dreaming. After my rebirth, I stated to myself the purpose of helping to create awareness about liver diseases and bringing happiness and joy to the people through flowers. Thanks for being here, and I invite you to join me in my new adventure!

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